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Sunday, August 24th, 2014

I’m giving away a couple of spa sets (citrus and lavender) to new subscribers to my newsletter in the next month (US only). For my international folks, I’ve got a $30 gift card to Amazon or B&N–your choice!

This basically gave me the excuse to go buck wild at World Market today. Tons of fun!

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Italian Interlude is out and it’s FREE!
Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Check out the free prequel to the Destination: Desire series. So excited!

Italian Interlude

While studying abroad for a year in Rome, Karen Hudson meets the man of her dreams. Tate Patton is everything she’s ever wanted—tall, smart, handsome, ambitious. Unfortunately, their year is coming to an end, and he’s dragging her along to spend their last week in a rented villa on the Amalfi Coast…with his parents.

Just what she was hoping for—to meet the family right before she gets dumped.

Tate can’t imagine his life without Karen in it. But his parents are a lot to take, and he wants to make sure she knows what she’s getting into when he asks her to marry him. Being a Patton is a responsibility, and he has huge shoes to fill, but he knows he can do it with Karen by his side.

Now he just has to convince her that their love wasn’t a temporary fantasy, but something strong enough to survive the real world.

Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes/iBooks | Kobo | Samhain

Hawaiian Holiday released today!
Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

HawaiianHolidayJulie Simms moved back to Half Moon Bay to take over her ailing great aunt’s fiber arts store, and stayed by her side until the end. Now it’s Julie’s first Christmas without the sassy old lady, and grief drives her to take some much-needed time off away from a town full of memories.

A week in Honolulu—hula dancers, coconut palms, and sunny beaches—is exactly what she needs, plus a bonus: meeting a gorgeous man who makes her forget everything except getting naked. With him. As often as possible.

Stanford Professor Lukas Klein, who’s just finished up a conference and is ready for a break, hasn’t been this intensely attracted to a woman since his divorce. He’s been leery of getting too deeply involved in a relationship, yet Julie is a breath of fresh air he can’t resist. And doesn’t even want to try.

Half Moon Bay and Stanford aren’t that far apart, but the magic of paradise could be too far removed from reality to let an attraction this mind-blowing last forever.

Find out more on the book page!

Edge of Night is out in the wild!
Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Edge of Night is the third book in my paranormal erotic suspense Night series (Book 1 is Embrace the Night and Book 2 is Night Games). I love this series and think it’s some of my best work, so I hope readers agree and it sells like mad (hey, I can hope, right?) Details below!

Like most humans, Erin was totally in the dark about the hocus pocus going on around her, until she learned a hairy little secret—her aunt and her new husband were both werewolves.

To say family politics got complicated is an understatement, especially when she dated and broke up with a vampire. She has no plans to get involved again with anyone anytime soon, but hey, a girl has to scratch an itch every now and then.

FBI agent Luca Cavalli doesn’t mind Erin’s occasional booty call. He’s not looking for commitment, either. Plus, her family would be none too pleased to learn she’s seeing another vampire.

But when a stalker starts making Erin’s life hell, memories of other women Luca’s loved and lost punch him in the gut. She’s in danger and he’s determined to provide her with protection that’s as up close and personal as it gets…

Read an Excerpt (and you can find some handy dandy buy links on that page too, if you like the excerpt).

Unbelievable series out in print!
Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Three ladies have one thing to say to love. Make me.

If You Believe
When a homeless man predicts she’ll meet her soul mate today, Aubrey only laughs and points to the name of her coffee shop: “Bean There, Done That.”

She’s sure sexy police chief Price Delacroix’s campaign to wear down her resistance is doomed to fail. Until her resident prophet spouts a new prediction: her soul mate’s life is in danger.

Believe in Me
Guardian angel Tori is holding up her end for her current client, but his soul mate’s angel is failing big time. Then a replacement steps in: Jericho, the man who broke her heart—and made her determined to never repeat her own guardian angel’s failures. Jericho’s not about to let Tori slip away again. But if he can’t convince her they’re destined to be together, they face an eternity of consequences…

Make Me Believe
Celia’s convinced there’ll be no “third time’s a charm” in the marriage department. She’ll scratch the occasional itch with the right man, but flirtatious firefighter Mason Delacroix is all wrong. Mason wants Celia, and he’s ready for something permanent. When her self-appointed guardian angels lock them in the basement, the ice starts to melt—and their long-denied chemistry explodes.

Find out more and read an excerpt on the book page!

Vegas Vacation is out today!
Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

First, don’t forget my virtual book tour is happening today. Comment on one or more of the participating blogs for a chance to win prizes!

Second, VEGAS VACATION COMES OUT TODAY!!! Ahem. Yes, I’m a little excited about this. I love new books. I want to hug them and squeeze them and call them George.

Okay, on to the info about the book, which is what you’re really interest in, right? Right!


It’s spring break, and a group of teachers from Half Moon Bay Middle School are planning to cut loose. History teacher Meg Phillips hadn’t planned on being one of them—Vegas isn’t really a town for a bookworm—but somehow she let her friend Anne talk her into it.

Though honestly, she’d rather indulge in some poolside reading than co-star in an R-rated edition of Teachers Gone Wild.

It took some major arm twisting for Finn Walsh to convince his fellow gym teacher, Anne, to do whatever it took to get Meg to Vegas. For over a year he’s been looking for the chance to get to know her outside of work. He’s drawn to her quiet beauty and intelligence—and the hint of fire beneath her understated exterior.

When he finally gets the opportunity to peel away those layers, the result is far more explosive than he ever fantasized. Now to convince her that the week isn’t a wildly out-of-character mistake, but the start of something amazing…

Info on where to buy it is on my book page!

Read an Excerpt

This is an unedited excerpt, it may differ slightly from the final version.

Half Moon Bay, California

“Come on, Anne. The least you can do is ask her for me. She’ll listen to you.” Finn Walsh offered up his most winning smile, but his colleague gave him a dubious glance.

“Why exactly would I help you get in my friend’s pants?” Anne Kirby snorted, bending her long limbs into a stretch as they both warmed up to start the day. Teaching physical education at a middle school kept them running. “Besides, Meg turned you down the one time you asked her out.”

Yeah, she had. Finn winced. “I don’t want to get in her pants.”

Anne straightened and stared at him. “Right, I believe that one. You want to date Meg, but you don’t want to do her.”

He lowered himself to the wooden gym floor and grabbed the toe of his sneaker to help flex his calf. Meg’s heart-shaped face filled his mind. Brunette curls he wanted to tangle his fingers in, eyes that were an impossible shade of storm cloud gray. She wasn’t tall or short, just average, but she had curves in all the right places. Her ass, especially. Tight, round and perfect. He wanted to get his hands on it. Hell, he wanted to get his hands on all of her, as often as humanly possible. But if it were just about getting laid, he could find a woman for that easily. No, he wanted Meg, specifically. “Okay, I don’t only want to get in her pants.”

“That’s a little more believable.” Anne smiled when the school bell rang. Within a few minutes, gangly teens began trudging past them into the changing room.

“I mean it.” Finn waved to a few of his students, picking himself up off the floor. “I like her, Anne. She turned me down because she thinks it’s a bad idea to date co-workers. She never said she wasn’t interested in me.”

Crossing her arms, Anne shrugged. “She’s being smart about it. We had an ugly breakup between two teachers a few years back, before you came to HMB. The memory for those of us who were here is still pretty fresh and really harsh. I don’t know if I’d date another teacher either. When it goes sour–”

If, not when. It doesn’t have to go sour.” Usually, he wasn’t one to fish in the work dating pool either, but for Meg, he’d make an exception. She taught history, and she was quiet, smart, and drew him like a magnet. Seeing her was his best reason to show up for staff meetings. He liked being around her, liked her considered approach to every controversy that came up at work. She wasn’t out-spoken and ready to jump into the fray like Anne, but when she offered an opinion, everyone listened. Everything about Meg appealed to Finn. There was huge potential between them, potential for something that could actually last. He knew it, without any doubts.

“Please. There are two options with relationships. They either go happily ever after or they go sour.” Anne arched an incredulous brow. “You’re saying you want happily ever after without going on a single date with her?”

Maybe. He clamped his lips shut on that answer, shock spiking through him. He’d known his interest was serious, but his reaction to the question floored him. Swallowing hard, he focused on Anne. “Even if things end, it doesn’t have to be ugly. I’m still friends with a couple of women I used to date. I’m not a love ’em and leave ’em douchebag. You’d have heard about it if I were–Half Moon Bay isn’t that big a city.”

Running a hand through her short red hair, she sighed. “True enough.”

“I just need her to see me outside of work. She’s on autopilot, shoving me into the ‘no way’ category without giving me a chance. Getting away from our everyday interactions here might just shake her out of that.” He held up his hands in a placating gesture. “I’m not going to take advantage of her or force her into anything she doesn’t want, I just want her to really consider if she does want me. She’s not doing that now.”

The few times he’d caught Meg looking at him, he could tell she wasn’t unaffected by him. She’d just made the rational decision that dating him was a bad idea. He needed to change her mind. He needed her to see him as a man and not just a fellow teacher.

Anne narrowed her eyes at him. “You swear you won’t get her drunk in Vegas to sleep with her?”

School would let out for spring break on Friday, and a group of teachers were heading for Las Vegas for a week of rest and relaxation. Or partying, gambling, and booze, whatever they preferred. Finn has seized on the idea that this was the perfect way to get Meg away from work, without her having to agree to go out with him. A week to wear down her defenses was just what he needed. But without Anne to prod her, she’d never go on that kind of trip. So twisting Anne’s arm was his first order of business.

“Yeah, because sloppy drunk women are so hot.” He rolled his eyes. “Try to remember I’m not a douchebag. I wouldn’t do that to anyone, least of all a woman I like.” Maybe more than liked, but he kept that to himself. He’d never get the chance to figure out what might come of this jones he had for Meg if he didn’t get her to spend time with him.

The squeak of tennis shoes echoed in the wide gymnasium as students flooded from of the changing rooms. Anne blew out a breath. “All right, I’ll ask her. Just ask. If she says no, that’s it. We’re meeting up for dinner tonight, so…”

His grin was wry. “Don’t mention me when you ask.”

“I won’t.” She laughed.


“You owe me one.” Lifting a whistle to her lips, she let out a shrill blast and her students obediently began to line up for roll call. “I think my class needs to run the mile today.”

“Have fun, sadist.” He motioned to his students and they lined up as well. Grabbing his clipboard from the bleachers, he shook his head at her.

She jogged in place for a moment. “I can only be nice to so many people in one day. You just used up my quota.”

“Lucky me.”

Virtual Book Tour for Vegas Vacation
Sunday, April 7th, 2013

BB Vegas Vacation Banner

I’m doing a Goddess Fish promotional virtual book tour across 25 different blogs on April 16th (the day Vegas Vacation releases).

During the tour, I’ll be awarding 5 digital copies of my backlist story, “All Tangled Up” to randomly drawn commenters, and a grand prize pack of a copy of “All Tangled Up”, a $10 Amazon or BN gift card, and a Vegas-inspired playing card necklace to one randomly drawn commenter.

So, April 16th, go take a hop around on one or more of those blogs and say hi. You might win something good!

New Books, New Excerpts!
Friday, February 8th, 2013

In that last few months I’ve sold two new books to Samhain Publishing. Vegas Vacation kicks off a new four-part series about a group of childhood friends who travel far from home to find love. Edge of Night is the third in my Night series. Embrace the Night was book 1 and Night Games was book 2. Details below! Covers coming soon for both books.


Coming May 2013…

With the start of spring break, a group of teachers from Half Moon Bay Middle School decide to cut loose and spend a week partying in Las Vegas together. History teacher Meg Phillips lets her friend Anne talk her into going along, though she’s more interested in some poolside reading over Teachers Gone Wild. Vegas isn’t really a town for a bookworm like her.

Finn Walsh had to do some major arm-twisting to convince fellow gym teacher Anne to get Meg to Vegas, but he’s been looking for an opportunity to get close to Meg outside of work for over a year. Her quiet beauty and intelligence draw him in, and he knows there’s fire beneath her understated exterior. He wants to peel away those layers, and he’s hoping this week gives him that chance. What results is far more explosive than he’d ever fantasized, shaking him to the core. He doesn’t want to let her go. Now he has to convince her that the week wasn’t a fluke or a mistake that was wildly out of character, but rather the start of something amazing between them. What happened in Vegas should definitely not stay in Vegas.

Read an Excerpt!


Coming September 2013…

Magickal beings live among us, hiding in plain sight. It’s a world that chef Erin Bates had no idea existed until a few years ago. Her aunt married a werewolf, and he changed her into wolf too. Family politics got a little hairy when it included the whole pack, especially when Erin started dating a vampire. Things went badly with her ex, Asher, and she’s got no intention of dealing with a relationship any time soon, but a girl has to scratch an itch every now and then.

An occasional booty call with sexy FBI agent Luca Cavalli is just the ticket. Neither of them is looking for commitment, but since he’s a vampire too, Erin wants their affair discreet.

Unfortunately, when Erin starts getting hang up calls, threatening messages, and her car is vandalized, Luca has no problem shoving his way into her life. She thinks Asher is messing with her, but Luca finds evidence that it’s not him. So Luca decides to move in with her and provide close, personal protection. He’s lost women he cared about before, and he’s not willing to go through that again.

When her stalker strikes, and her life is on the line, Luca risks everything to save her. No hesitation. It makes her realize she has to stop denying she loves him. Her family will just have to deal with a vampire being in their wolfish midst. And there’s no way in hell Luca’s walking away from her. It’s taken him centuries to find the right woman. She’s his now. Always.

Read an Excerpt!

Merry Menage Giveaway Blog Hop!
Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Come join our Merry Menage Giveaway Hop hosted by Day Dreaming, My Secret Romance and The Book Tart! Tons of awesome prizes are being offered up!


So, what do I want for Xmas besides world peace?

*A sexy guy wearing nothing but a stocking. That’s what I call a stocking stuffer
*A fluffy kitten because everyone needs a dose of cuteness
*A pony because I never got one as a child and I’m still traumatized by that
*Cupcakes…one in each flavor!
*A garden gnome to remind me that winter does end and spring is right around the corner
*A trip to Hawaii so I don’t have to wait for spring to get some warm weather

So, my giveaway is open to everyone, including international readers. I’m giving away a trio of my menage-or-more-themed ebooks, It’s Raining Men, Wasteland: The Wanderer and Demon’s Caress. Comment and tell me what’s on your Xmas list for a chance to win!

All Tangled Up is Out
Thursday, October 18th, 2012

The reality show Revved Up has made Kasen’s Kustom Automotive a national sensation. For garage co-owner Jesse Kasen, the only fly in his ointment is Lola Adams, the show’s producer. The little Georgia peach is a blonde bombshell. All he can think about when she’s around is what she’d look like all tangled up in his sheets.

Lola might use her sexuality to get what she wants, but it’s her knowledge of cars, courtesy of her auto-racing family, that got her the producer spot on Revved Up. Jesse is hot and the star of all her recent steamy fantasies. Too bad he’s off limits—she won’t risk her professional reputation on a fling.

Jesse sees one solution to their problem—burn off this attraction in bed and get on with business. Lola agrees because she has to know what it’s like to touch him, but she wants demands discretion. One sex-filled weekend in his secluded cabin, no strings attached. But one weekend might not be enough.

For more info:

Read an Excerpt

A low, throaty laugh echoed through the massive garage. The kind of sound that made a man’s brain fog with lust. It made Jesse’s muscles tighten with annoyance. Lola shouldn’t be flaunting her hotness around his men, distracting them from their work. Kasen’s Kustom Automotive was a business, damn it.

Unfortunately, it was also the set for a reality television show that overhauled classic cars, and since Lola was the show’s new producer there was nothing Jesse could do about her flirting with anyone. Normally he loved working on the show and he’d been thrilled when Revved Up had been offered national syndication, but that offer had come with Lola Adams. He glanced up from the sound system he was installing to see her flashing a smile at one of his grease monkeys.

“That’s a great idea, Sanchez.” Lola’s voice rolled out in her slow Georgia drawl, her tone sugary sweet. She laid a hand on the skinny Mexican’s tattooed forearm and he grinned back, leaning closer.

The two of them walked toward the car, rejoining the camera crew and mechanics who were hard at work. Eddie, one of Kasen’s other employees, was bent across the hood attaching the windshield wipers and Jesse watched his eyes glaze a bit when Lola came near. She gave Eddie a wink. “Not that we don’t love your handsome face on camera, but I think we want this shot to focus on what Jesse and Sanchez are doing with the sound.”

Eddie flushed when she called him handsome, and his expression conveyed how eager he was to please her. “I’ll get this done in under a minute.”

“I’m always impressed with the speed of this garage’s crew.” Her smile was charming, and combined with the form-fitting skirt and shirt made of some soft, expensive fabric, petite height and knockout curves, she was a walking wet dream. It didn’t hurt that she had a face that would make Venus envious. With creamy skin, light brown eyes that tilted up at the corners, and long blonde hair, everything about Lola made any man with a pulse want to reach out and touch.

“Let’s just get this done,” Jesse said, giving Eddie a pointed look through the windshield. The man quit staring at Lola and got his task finished as quickly as he’d promised.

“Great job,” Lola complimented. Her gaze fell on Jesse and for a split-second her grin faltered. Her gaze slid down his body, where he was sprawled half in and half out of the vehicle, working under the dashboard. Her perusal paused for just a moment too long on his chest and where his jeans were stretched tight over his cock. He saw the burn of lust in her gaze, felt an answering spark inside him. She jerked a bit, shook her head and turned to Sanchez with a dazzling smile. “Are we ready for y’all to do your thing?”

Jesse barely managed to suppress a growl, forcing himself to focus on the car. If he were honest, he’d admit he was pissed off because Lola showered her attention on someone besides him. If he’d been getting more interest from her, he probably wouldn’t give a damn who else she flirted with. He was clearly losing his mind.