Crystal Jordan
A Lesson in Pleasure
The Wild Rose Press
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A Lesson in Pleasure

“Crystal Jordan has written a story that draws the readers back to a time long ago. Eleanor’s devotion and love for Gavin runs to the very core of her. Her desire to be with Gavin pushes her to keep going. Gavin is a determined man that readers will find as intriguing as Eleanor does; he is a man that readers will love in the end. The chemistry between them is intense yet beautiful at the same time.”
Shayley at Fallen Angel Reviews on A LESSON IN PLEASURE

From the moment their king called her husband to the Crusades, Lady Eleanor prayed for his safe return. While in the Holy Lands, Sir Gavin sent home extraordinary riches: tapestries, spices, oils. Tucked between the lush fabrics was a wicked book depicting lovers entwined — exotic ecstasies a lady could never even imagine.

Eleanor has spent many a lonely night dreaming of Gavin pleasuring her in such ways, but when Gavin returns, he seems cold and distant, and Eleanor fears she’s lost the only man she’s ever loved. Using the book as her guide, can she teach her lord a lesson in pleasure and regain his love?

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England, 1192

“Sir Gavin returns this eve, my lady.”

Eleanor’s heart tripped at the words. Her hands shook as she busied herself spreading fresh rushes over the hearth in the great hall. There would be a feast to celebrate her husband’s return from the Holy Lands.

So long. So long since she had seen him, kissed him, felt his hands upon her skin. Her thighs pressed together to temper the rising heat between them, and she shivered at the memories. They were all she had to warm her bed these three years past. King Richard had taken so many young men with him, and so few were returning home to their kin. Gratitude bubbled up in her chest. God’s knees, she had missed him.

She brushed at her long skirts, hoping she looked presentable. So much time had passed since Gavin had seen her, would he even recognize her? She patted her braids, tucking a few strands of pale brown hair back.

Catching her reflection in a polished silver platter Gavin had sent home from the Crusades, she pinched her cheeks and tried to bring color to her pale skin.

This was not the only thing Gavin had sent to her. Spices, intricately woven wool tapestries, oils…and one other special item. A book.

She flushed just thinking about it. This was no ordinary book. Each page depicted a couple in the throes of passion. Different positions on every page. Moisture flooded her sex as she thought of Gavin loving her in such exotic ways. Some of the things in that book she had never imagined in her wildest dreams, and she’d had many nights alone to fantasize. Which positions would he prefer? Had he thought of all the ways he could take her when he’d first looked at the pages? Her green eyes looked over-bright and shone with excitement. She turned away from her reflection. A smile curled her lips. Gavin was coming home!

The trumpeter at the gates blew his horn to signal the arrival of the cavalcade.