Crystal Jordan
All She Needs
The Wild Rose Press
ISBN-13: 9781601545497
ISBN-10: 1601545495
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All She Needs

“The author combines love, desire and sex on an emotional journey. Even though the sex was incredibly hot, the author managed to effortlessly make it about the love at the core of their relationship. This is a book I recommend highly to all lovers of true romance.”
Aster at Whipped Cream Reviews on ALL SHE NEEDS

If ever Jen Campbell needed a magic charm, today is the day. Lucky for her, fate lands exactly what she needs on her door step.

When her best friends, Emma and Paul, ask her to be their son’s godmother, she’s happy to agree. Until she finds Paul’s brother is the godfather. Kevin Miller, the only man she’s ever loved, and the only man she can never have. Their brief relationship ended in disaster, but one look is enough to convince Jen she’ll never be over him. Can she resist the Kevin who says he’s confronted the demons in his past and is determined to pick up where they left off — right in the middle of a hallway during a huge party, guests be damned? More importantly, can she trust that a man as stubborn as Kevin can truly change and be all that she needs?

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“I don’t want to see him again,” Jennifer Campbell moaned. “Ever. Why did you have to marry his brother?”

She bobbled the phone against her ear as she danced in front of a full-length mirror in her bedroom. One dress after another got tucked under her chin, found lacking, and discarded. Too short, too frumpy, too…blah. She couldn’t do this. She couldn’t see him again. He was loathsome, rude, gorgeous, commanding, sexy as hell. No, no, no. She hated him. He was an ass.

And God, he turned her inside out.

“Gee, Jen. I don’t know. Perhaps because I was a little bit in love with him,” her best friend, Emma, drawled sarcastically.

“Oh. That.” Along with Jen, Emma and her husband, Paul, owned a law firm. Jen specialized in adoption cases.

Which is why it had seemed intriguing that Paul and his brother Kevin had both been adopted. His business specialized in Celtic imports, and Jen’s family was hip- deep in Scottish relatives. They had a lot in common, including a chemistry that could light the sheets on fire.

She and Kevin had seemed perfectly matched.

Her body erupted in flames just thinking about him, his hands on her skin, his cock filling her slowly. Or quickly, depending on his mood. She shivered, her nipples peaking tight in the warm summer air that flowed through the open window. Shoving her long, dark hair over her shoulder, she held another outfit in front of her.

Yeah, this one would do. Kevin liked her in green. It shouldn’t matter what Kevin liked anymore, and yet as she caught her reflection in the mirror, her dark brown eyes flashed with hot anticipation she couldn’t contain.

Throwing the green dress on top of the others, she shook her head in self-disgust. This was a disaster. She could not do this. She could not see Kevin again. Not now, not ever.

Kevin. Just his name, just the thought of him was enough to shred her. The longing she felt for him was something painful. Anguish and bitter anger twisted like a live thing inside her. A year of her life had been wasted trying to break through the wall around his heart. She loved him too much not to try. For her, he’d been it. The One. Capital T, capital O.

But Kevin had scars. Physical and emotional. A lot of his resistance to getting in too deep with anyone was tied up in being put through the ringer in foster care before the Millers adopted him. He refused to talk about it with her. Refused to let her in. Paul had found his birth parents and had a healthy relationship with them. She’d reasoned that if Kevin at least knew where he came from, he might be able to begin to deal with his past. And then he might be able to open up enough to let himself love her.

God, she’d been so stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. She couldn’t fix him. He didn’t want to be fixed. Perhaps he didn’t need fixing. Perhaps he just… didn’t love her.

A sudden sob caught in her throat, and she pinched her eyes closed. God, it hurt. Six months later and it still hurt as bad as the day he left.

The memory of their last moment was branded in her mind. She’d used her law and social work contacts to track down information on his parents. She hadn’t contacted them; she’d only gotten the information and given it to him, trying to prod him into some action that would help him start to heal. And he’d left her for it.

She’d apologized profusely, but it hadn’t been enough. But then, when it came to Kevin…she had never been enough.