Crystal Jordan
All She Wants For Christmas
The Wild Rose Press
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All She Wants For Christmas

\”At this point, I would buy anything that Crystal Jordan writes. She has a special gift of combining hot sex, complex characters and deep emotion.\”
Aster at Whipped Cream Reviews on ALL SHE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS

The wedding is off! Emma Richards just walked away from the only man she’s ever loved, her overbearing parents, and the pressures of life. Somehow her well-ordered existence has spiraled out of control to the point that she’s hiding in a bathroom stall until everyone leaves the department store with the wedding planner. When she makes her escape, she finds herself trapped in the elevator with her furious fiance, who knows just how to convince her that giving up on the wedding is one thing, but giving up on their relationship is out of the question. Eloping is all Emma really wants for Christmas, and Paul is just the man to deliver.

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The lights in the elevator sputtered madly for a moment, and then they died. The car shuddered to a stop, swaying. Paul was thrown against her, his body pinning her to the cold glass as he braced himself. Desperate to maintain her bearings in the suffocating darkness, she clung to the lapels of his suit jacket. Her heart pounded so hard she could hear it.

Low amber emergency lights flickered to life, and her breath escaped in a giant rush of relief, her panic receding as her eyes adjusted to the dim light. Glancing to the side, she saw their reflections in one of the mirrors, her body pressed to the muscled contours of his. He was the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen, all long limbs, wide shoulders, and dark blond hair. Just like that her body began to throb with unrelenting want. Her muscles screamed to arch against him.

The panel at her hip beeped and a tinny voice filtered into the small space. “Hello? Is everyone all right in there?”

Paul’s gaze caught hers, and she froze, prey before a predator. Swallowing, she licked suddenly dry lips, and his eyes followed the motion, making the moment ripe, sexual. Without looking away from her, he stabbed a button with his finger. “We’re fine.”

“I’m afraid you’re gonna hafta hang tight for a bit. Most of our maintenance crew is out for the holidays. I’m real sorry about this folks.”

“How long do you think it’ll be?”

There was a long pause as the man hesitated. “I think maybe an hour. Maybe two. Depends on how quick we can get people in here to fix it.”

Paul’s hand returned to the glass beside her, mindless of the smudges he left behind. “So…we have some time in here.”