Crystal Jordan
Black Opals
Ellora's Cave
ISBN-13: 9781419959974
ISBN-10: 1419959972
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Black Opals

“I could tell from the opening pages that Tyrone and Lorna were going to be a hot couple, but as their story unfolded I began hoping that one night would only be their beginning. Tyrone and Lorna had a friendship that only deepened and became richer as their love emerged. I loved Black Opals for not only the sensual and erotic sex but also for the many facets that Tyrone and Lorna showed.”
Jo at Joyfully Reviewed on BLACK OPALS

Lorna Malone is having a day from hell. She had a one night stand with her best friend, SWAT officer Tyrone Forrester, and had to sneak out before he woke up. Her wild night is making her late to a photo shoot for her biggest advertising agency client, Carraway Jewelers. She stops at a gas station and manages to lock her keys — and a small fortune in black opal and diamond necklaces — in her car.

Tyrone is furious when he finds Lorna left him after their amazing night together. He’s wanted her for years, but he got burned in his last relationship. His ex couldn’t handle his dangerous job, so now he doesn’t do serious, and he doesn’t play for keeps. But with Lorna, one taste is all it takes to convince him that he’s met his match — if he can help her see that her luscious curves make her desirable.

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This is an unedited excerpt, it may differ slightly from the final version.

Something wet and cold pressed to the bottom of Lorna’s foot, and she bolted upright to come nose to nose with Tyrone’s dog. She pressed a hand over her pounding heart. “Opal.”

The black and white Dalmatian whimpered, her tail wagging.

Lorna’s mind processed the scene slowly. She was in a bed that wasn’t hers with Tyrone’s pet standing at the end. The night before came back to her in one erotic rush. Her body heated just thinking about it.

And then panic slammed into her as she glanced around and saw Tyrone’s long, dark body sprawled out beside her in bed. Sweat broke out on her forehead, and her heart kicked into high gear. What had she done? She’d slept with her best friend. Oh. Holy. Jesus.

She had to get out of here.

Easing her legs over the side of the bed, she scooped her bra off the floor and tucked it against her chest as she tiptoed out of the room and down the stairs. The muscles in her thighs screamed from the workout she’d given them the night before. And this morning. Tyrone had been relentless, insatiable. Warmth flooded her face as memories assaulted her. Her bare feet slipped on the polished wood floor in the living room.

Opal followed her downstairs, sniffing at her legs and prancing around her. Lorna chuckled and petted her.

“Shh. Don’t wake up your dad, okay?” The Dalmatian’s tail wagged furiously, making Lorna grin. “You wouldn’t happen to know where were the rest of my clothes are, would you?”

Of course not. Opal was a dog. Lorna rolled her eyes at herself before letting her gaze sweep the room.

She heaved a small sigh of relief when she saw her black eyelet dress draped over the back of a chair. Following a trail of clothing she recalled shedding in haste on their way to the bedroom, she collected her panties and shoes. She found her pantyhose in the kitchen and had to toss them because they were shredded.

They’d been drinking wine and cleaning up after the birthday party they’d hosted for his mother had wound down. Somehow she’d ended up propped on the counter while Tyrone tore her stockings off, jerked her panties out of the way, and fucked her hard and fast. Liquid heat flooded her pussy at the memory. God, it had been good. More amazing than she’d even imagined. They’d danced around the chemistry between them for years now. She’d always secretly suspected he avoided doing anything about it because of her weight. It hurt to think it, but it wasn’t his fault she was too big to ever be really attractive. He could want her as a friend, but a man as good looking and wonderful as Tyrone didn’t have to settle for the fat girl. She was twice the size of his last girlfriend. And Sherona had been nasty about rubbing that fact in, too.

Suddenly self-conscious to be standing nude in Tyrone’s kitchen, she grabbed her purse and scurried in to the half-bath off the back door. She winced when she saw her reflection. Too generous curves shown in the floor length mirror mounted to the door. She stuffed herself into her clothes to cover up. Thankfully they weren’t too wrinkled. A sad smile curved her lips. Tyrone must have been far drunker than she thought if he’d wanted to sleep with her. It was the only explanation she could come up with for his sudden change of heart.

Digging in her purse, she came up with her compact. The makeup she hadn’t managed to sweat off had run down her face. She washed her face and tried to repair the damage. She had an early meeting to get to, so she wouldn’t be able to go home first.

“Ugh.” She had sex hair. It was all over the place. Plucking a hair-tie from her bag, she yanked it back in a loose ponytail. The only good thing about curly hair was that when it was messy, it looked like she did it on purpose.

Opal whimpered and scratched at the bathroom door, and Lorna opened it to let her in. “Hush, girl.”

She jumped at every little creak of the house, terrified Tyrone would wake up and catch her before she left. Thank God it was Monday and she had work–she could spare them both what would have to be the most awkward morning after of all time. What would she say to him if he did catch her? She didn’t even know. Ask him to forget it even happened? Could she demand that of him when she doubted she could manage it herself? His touch felt branded on her skin. Her thighs, breasts, and pussy still burned with her need for him.

Her cell phone blared as she stepped out of the bathroom, and she bolted for the back door. Pressing the on button, she picked up the call. “Hello?”

“Oh, thank goodness. Tell me you’re near the jewelry store.” Edith Carraway, wife of John Carraway—owner of Carraway Jewelers—sounded as flustered as she usually did.

Lorna made her voice soothing, letting the demands of her job take over her mind. She could only hope they swept Tyrone out of her thoughts for the day. “I can drive there before I come to the photo shoot. Did you forget something?”

Of course she had. Edith would forget her head if it weren’t firmly attached to her body. This was a little dance they’d done since Lorna had been assigned to the Carraway Jewelers account. As senior advertising executive, she found half her job was to hold Edith’s hand. Which explained why such a big account had been handed to her without so much as a whimper from the other execs. They knew what she hadn’t. She rolled her eyes. Edith was nice enough, just a flake.

“I forgot three cases of necklaces for the photo shoot.” Edith’s sigh rustled through the phone connection. There were only five cases being used in today’s shoot. This was going to be a long three days.

Lorna unlocked her car and slid into the driver’s seat. A quick twist of the key and a shift of gears and she had escaped from her night of stupid. Now if she could just keep the erotic scenes from distracting her throughout the day. Or week. Or decade. Her body still tingled for his touch. She drew a deep breath, stomped on her hormones, and spoke to Edith. “I’m on my way. I’ll see you soon.”