Part of the Big Book of Orgasms anthology.

"Out of Control": He's always been the one who's in control, but tonight she's going to push him past all of his limits. For both of their sakes.

What happens when you bring together 69 authors sharing their hottest orgasm stories? If you have a top notch erotica editor like Rachel Kramer Bussel, you get The Big Book of Orgasms! This climactic collection captures top erotica writers serving up steamy scenarios all focused on The Big O. Whether getting off from exhibitionism, voyeurism, or a very special pair of blue jeans, the characters in The Big Book of Orgasms explore all sorts of ways they can come, with lovers who range from sweet to sweetly sadistic.


“Touch yourself.”

She'd already come twice, but that would never satisfy him. He wanted her to climax four or five times before he was through with her. But not tonight. Tonight, she called the shots.

“Touch yourself,” he demanded again. “Play with your clit for me.”

Even tied to the bed, he tried to be in charge of their sexual experience. The man was a total control freak. Just this once, he'd agreed to do whatever she wanted. Including let her tie him up. Having a man like him at her mercy sent a thrill through her. Cupping her palms over her breasts, she twisted her nipples while he watched. Slipping her hand down her torso, she circled a finger around her navel, teasing him for just a moment before she gave him what she wanted. She dipped into her sex, flicking her clit. The look in his eyes was hot enough to burn. She was already slick with cream, primed. Arching into her hand, she shoved her fingers into her pussy, pumping hard and fast.


He licked his lips, staring at her stroking hand. “Come for me.”

Yes. Her inner muscles contracted hard in a swift orgasm. It thrummed through her in an incredible rush, and she moaned loudly.

“Come here.” It was an unmistakable order.

“You don't have to always be in control.” She grinned and shook her head, but she couldn't complain about the view. His tanned skin was a gorgeous contrast to the white sheets, and his muscles strained against the silk scarves she'd used to bind his arms and legs to the bed.

Normally, she didn't mind letting him be in control. He always made it good for her. But tonight she'd wanted something different. She hoped he enjoyed it and much as she intended to.

Silence stretched on for a long moment. His throat worked. “I like being in control.”

She arched an eyebrow. “Every second of every day?”


No hesitation, no doubt. That was him. She approached the bed, kneeling beside him. “I can change your mind.”

He snorted. “I doubt that.”

Well, they'd see, wouldn't they?