Twice Burned cover - a woman with long dark hair stands in the foreground with a fireball in her hand, in the background are two shirtless men
Editions:eBook - Second Edition

Maron is being hunted. The thrill of the chase is unusual, exciting. Most of the time, she is the hunter—a demon sent to earth to imprison evil souls and hurl them down to the hot spot. It’s dirty work and it’s gotten her kind demonized by mankind, but someone has to take out the trash, and that’s her job.

But a demon can’t trap a soul alone. They need a partner, and the perfect synergy can be found in a Demon’s Triad. Three demons, triple the power, and the deeper the bond between them, the higher the power yield for trapping corrupt souls. Sexual bonds make the energy sizzle on every possible level. Maron’s partner was roped into a sexual Triad, and that leaves Maron at loose ends, tracking down an evil man alone and knowing there’s no way to capture him even if she can find him. She’ll have to tag him and then cool her heels until her boss, Samael, sends in reinforcements.

Only the demons he sends as backup are the last men she wants to see—Raum and Kobal—bonded partners who’ve been trying to seduce her into a Triad for months, since the night of debauchery when they found their combined power was nothing short of explosive. Now they hunt her as she hunts her human quarry. She’s stunned at how exhilarating it is to be chased. The last thing she wants is to give up her independence. She likes her work, she’s good at it, and Raum and Kobal would complicate her eternity.

But her two demons are as relentless as she is. They’ve found the woman to complete their Triad, and they’re determined to claim her heart and body…if they can cage the evil soul they’d been sent capture.

Note: This story was previously published as Demon's Caress.

Publisher: CJ Books
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