Lynx shifter Farah has never been interested in limiting herself to a single mate, though she’s instinctively drawn to the unrestrained lust of The Wild, her people’s mating time. She’s particularly aroused by the sight of two men pleasuring a female together. But as she gives in to her desire with Ryan and Eric, Farah begins to suspect the impossible: that both men could be her mates...

Publisher: Harlequin

The Wild time was almost over.

A shame, because Farah loved it. She could feel the heat loosening its grip on her body, and she mourned the loss. It would be another year before she felt the instincts of her feline side slice through her so keenly. Why did it have to end, this time away from time? It always drew to a close long before she was ready.

The chill of a mountain breeze brushed against her, but she'd shifted into her Lynx form, and her thick tawny-and-black spotted fur made her impervious to the cold of gathering dusk. Her claws dug into the soft ground as she wove her way through the trees and down the mountainside. Her car was parked at the base with all the others belonging to the shifters who came to Wild.


Something tugged at her senses, made her pause in her tracks. She glanced around, but saw no one. The birds twittered in the trees, the night animals beginning to stir in the forest. She could smell other Lynx, but nothing seemed out of place. Twitching her shoulders, she took a few more steps down the slope when her instincts stopped her again. They urged her away from the direction of her car, told her something good awaited her if she went left instead of right. She huffed out a breath and gave in to the internal pull. She didn't want to leave anyway, so what would it hurt to take a few more minutes and see what lay in that direction. She turned and trotted toward the sound of running water. A few nimble leaps and she went from a small boulder to a massive one overlooking a wide river that snaked its way down to a lake. The long rows of parked vehicles were beyond the lake, though she couldn't see them from where she stood.

The scent of sex, of hundreds of cats in one place, permeated the air. During the first week of spring, every female Lynx went into heat at the same time. Those in North America gathered here, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, to rut with an abandon that never failed to make Farah shiver from the delicious thrill of it.

Wild was an awakening she could feel in the air, it was an awareness of possibilities, of beginnings. It was also when Lynx came to find their mates, but that had never been her aim. Limiting herself to one man wasn't something she was interested in--her sexuality was the one area her in life where she let go of control. She loved the visceral novelty of a variety of lovers, the endless combinations. For her, Wild was seven days of leaving the trappings of humanity behind, the ambitious drive of the lawyer; seven whole days of embracing the side of herself her straightforward logic usually strangled into submission.

It was divine, that carnal release from all restraint. A game she loved to play with as many willing men as she could. There was no shame in her sexuality, no fear of harsh judgment, just the instinct to fuck burning through her body. She purred with pleasure. There was no better time of year than Wild, and she shoved away the understanding that her time was almost over. It made her ache to even think of it.